Yohji Yamamoto Book Review

For any creative individual this is a great book to own as you can learn so much from it. It outlines the types of relationships that Yamamoto had to help generate success and what is needed to maintain such good connections. The photography alone can be a source of inspiration due to those who are behind the camera. It is a non patronizing, fascinating book to read and one that would be great to have around as a source of inspiration without worry of getting tired of it as there will certainly be enough to get creative juices flowing time and time again.

Suitable for anyone who has an appreciation for attention to detail, whether it be in design, colour, photography or those who just enjoy reading up about those who live in a world that most of us will struggle to comprehend. It’s a great way to get a glimpse of the unknown, and what a beautiful glimpse it is.

Available online at the V&A

Words by Annie Owens
Photography by Tiina Erameri