The White Cube Bermondsey

There is also room for an auditorium and bookshop, making the White Cube Britain’s largest commercial gallery. The opening show, “Structure & Absence,” features a mixture of unknown and renowned artists such  Andreas Gursky, Wade Guyton, Damien Hirst, Sergej Jensen, Brice Marden, Gabriel Orozco and Jeff Wall among others. A group exhibition makes up the centre-piece of the show, which is based on the work of traditional Chinese scholars.

The Cube will, interestingly, make a point of championing new artists which haven’t been previously shown at the gallery. The “Inside the White Cube” programme begins with an exhibition of Marieta Chirulescu’s work. The Berlin based artist creates art based around digital reproduction and the mistakes found within it.She also puts together silvery, monochrome images, which sometimes result from photocopied materials. Work from the marvellous Mary Corse and Kitty Kraus will also be featured. This latest addition to the White Cube family certainly looks like it will set itself apart from the crowd.