The White Cube Bermondsey

The White Cube, Bermondsey Street, is Jay Jopling’s third gallery in London. The art dealer already boasts galleries in Hoxton and Piccadilly, and the latest edition to the White Cube empire is gargantuan in comparison to its siblings. Having one gallery is cool, it’s bespoke, niche and sophisticated. Having two galleries is grown up and distinguished and good for letterheads. Three galleries is okay, but you might start to be perceived as a top hat wearing megalomaniac, obsessed with buying the Salvator Mundi, wandering about town with sacks of money tied to your belt. A fourth gallery, could be considered a chain, the Nandos of the art world, a place you go to on a Monday night for some cheap chicken, because they are everywhere and easy to find.

White Cube number three at 58,000 sq ft will certainly be easy to find, with a large flexible “South” gallery and three “North” galleries.