The Dark Knight

A good fragrance is much like one’s own shadow – intriguing, suggestive, and highly personal. It follows, therefore, that a fragrance should be chosen not only because of it’s close affinity with taste, but also as projection of identity – whether fact or fiction.

With this in mind, and in a symbolic nod to the passing of summer’s balmy nights, fragrance has moved from the dewy citrus sheens of summer, with depth added to hero scents. Fragrances are pleasingly dark and obviously masculine, radiating a certain je ne c’est quoi that leaves plenty to the imagination.

Gentlemen, place your bets: which scent will you be?

The Brooding Gent

Chanel Bleu is a hypnotic blend of intriguingly juxtaposed notes. Visually based upon Mademoiselle Chanel’s “other colour of chic” (navy), it is captivating and yet distracting, mixing a warm, elegant cedar accord with a fresh veil of citrus fruits and fragrant vetiver.