Samarqand Restaurant

For the adventurous diner, Samarqand brings to the heart of Marylebone the traditional flavours of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, with influences from Russia, China and Mongolia. The environment is laid back and the furnishings stylish so you can let the restaurant transport you to exotic climes while you enjoy the rich spices and fresh herbs of the food.

You can start with an aromatic lamb soup or Russian herring to whet the appetite and follow up with the Samarquand plov, a traditional Central Asian dish of succulent lamb and spices, one of the highlights of the main courses. A sleek bar and cocktail lounge serves a selection of Eastern-inspired drinks and gives diners the chance to kick back for a pre or post dinner tipple. For those looking for a drink to complement the theme, Snow Queen, an organic wheat vodka, is an excellent accompaniment that can be bought by the shot or the bottle.