Russian Luxury at The Four Seasons

‘New-built, high up in Peter’s Square / A corner mansion then ascended / And where its lofty perron ended / Two sentry lions stood at guard’
Alexander Pushkin, The Bronze Man, 1833

It may have been ‘new-built’ when Pushkin put his pen to paper to describe this royal residence, but number one Voznesensky Prospekt is one of St Petersberg’s most treasured buildings. A jewel in the city’s crown of sumptuous cathedrals and glittering monuments, this former palace has been lovingly restored to its original lavish finish – and it’s now home to one of the world’s most luxurious hotels, Four Seasons.

The ‘sentry lions’ which guarded the palace will soon greet guests from all over the world – a fitting welcome to this city of pageantry and tradition. The original architecture by Auguste de Montferrand, whose other credits include St Petersberg’s St Isaac’s Cathedral and Alexander Column, has been rejuvenated by hotel design specialists Reardon Smith.