Reiss 40th Anniversary

Over the past 40 years, Reiss has grown from humble beginnings in Bishopsgate, London, to global sartorial stardom. The brand began with an unswerving loyalty to premium quality tailoring, snowballing into satiating the wardrobe needs of modern royalty. In 40 years, Reiss has witnessed a lifetime.

From 1971 through to the 90′s Reiss rapidly expanded in the UK, serving the style inclinations of consumers in prestigious London locations. The brand also extended its reach to fashion hubs such as Glasgow, Leeds and Birmingham. But it was the introduction of its eponymous womenswear collection in 2000 – which coincided with the opening of the London flagship store Kent House – that elevated Reiss in the eyes of the fashion conscious consumer.

Realising the potential to globally translate the focus on affordable luxury, Reiss headed for international fame by opening its first US store in NY’s West Broadway in 2000.