Rediscovery of Roka London

Sharing food is great when you don’t like what you’re eating. But what happens when forks and knives fly toward a plate you were planning to lick clean? Find out at Roka, part of an ever expanding chain of luxury restaurants owned by German restaurateur, Rainer Becker. In 2002 Becker opened Zuma in Knightsbridge. Two years later, he delved into Fitzrovia and there, Zuma’s younger, cooler little sister Roka was born.

Once inside, you’ll find plenty of exotic hardwood on display and floor-to-ceiling glass windows that open on to the street in good weather. It’s the result of a collaboration between Japanese interior designers Noriyoshi Maramatsu and Super Potato of Tokyo, both of whom have been the master crafters of many high concept restaurant spaces. From the yellow hardwood walls to the melee of low-level spotlights, it feels as if one is dining in a gold mine. Downstairs the restaurant boasts a more impressive dining and bar area. And if you find the menu hard to decipher in the dim-lit lighting, staff will move a lamp over to your table and assist with the menu.