Private View with Canary Wharf

Though impressive, it seems awfully small in comparison with its surroundings; a topped and tailed colossus from antiquity, lacking its trunk to lend it stature. It lays cheek side down, gazing towards the glitzy giant of 1 Canada Square, antiquity bettered.

In nearby Columbus Courtyard there is another Mitoraj head; a mask half smashed, this one is much more ominous looking, more desperate, fed by a slide of water which appears to sustain it. It is quite amazing that someone can craft such a haunting face, when the remaining eye is empty, but its shape alone screeches emotion. The courtyard is almost deserted. The only thing which stops me from imagining myself as someone lost and wandering through an empty city is the empty Pret a Manger to the left of the sculpture, which keeps me very much tied to earth.

At Westferry Circus the river can finally be seen again and the sights of Central London are welcome reminders that you haven’t left the city after all.