New Office Code

Familiarise yourself with the lacquered mahogany desk accompanied by the leather-revolving chair and the constant humming sound of the photocopier. The office in which you work is the place you find you spend most of your time, and by no means does this mean it has be monotonous. The importance of the desk to the man is often overlooked. The sheer diversity of desktop items makes it the perfect playground upon which you can place carefully selected devices of your choosing, and there are no boundaries.

Take the time out to revaluate what essentials actually make it on to your surfaces, and which ones find themselves in the darkest corners of your desk drawers. These items should be carefully chosen and always remain classic and to a minimum – the clearer the workspace, the clearer the mind. The continuous ringing sound of your phone can be tamed with a sophisticated phone case, allowing you to refrain from throwing the device in heated times.