Modern Art by Taschen – Book Review

Modern Art is brash, it is audacious, brazen and bold. Sometimes it is cocksure, maybe even a little ill-advised, but it is never, ever, dull. Modernism is complicated though, ever so, covered in hidden meaning and metaphor and full of different drawers, piled high and jammed full, with contrasting genres and eccentric characters. A helping hand, a guiding hand is, perhaps, required for those wanting to explore Modernism further, a guide for newcomers who are finding the vastness of its history and the over-whelming lengths of its innovation, far too difficult to penetrate.

Taschen’s Modern Art by Hans Werner Holzwarth, is a fascinating and insightful hardcover book, which offers an excellent entrance and starting point from which to delve into the Modernist arena, and provides a blow by blow account of all the groundbreaking works to be discovered.