Las Acacias Review

Pablo Giorgelli is a new Argentinean talent, a film director whose first feature production Las Acacias has won a clutch of European film awards as well as a noteworthy amount of critical acclaim. Not bad for a first try. Even better considering that Giorgelli was unemployed before the creation of the film, struggling against the fierce Argentinean economic downturn, with a sick father and a difficult divorce on his hands.

It sounds, considering the circumstances, like the film’s arrival was more a battle of will than a creative process. Las Acacias tells the story of Ruben (Germán de Silva), a gruff and grumpy long distance truck driver, who has been told by his boss to pick up a passenger along the road from Asunción del Paraguay to Buenos Aires. There of course turns out to be two passengers, a woman, the sweet natured and sensitive Jacinta (Hebe Duarte) and her five month old baby, Anahi. Ruben, given his solitary nature, is more than a little aggrieved that he has to give up the quiet serenity of his lorry cab to the crying wails of a five month old and an excitable young mother, but he does so, begrudgingly.