Kammerling’s Bespoke Spirit

It is, of course, a cliché to describe the imbibing of alcohol as being ‘merely for medicinal purposes’ but as with all clichés it has a strong basis in fact.

Taking 5 years to develop, the 50cl bottle of Ginseng Spirit resembles a classic medicine bottle from the kit bag of a wild-west apothecary: a dark, syrupy, molasses brown. It’s a visual tease that masks the beautiful rusted amber liquid inside that almost effervesces when poured directly over ice. Served with lemon garnish the first notes in the aroma are fresh and citrusy, with the grapefruit zest really coming through followed by a sweet, thick hit of spiciness as the spirit hits the palette. There is a pleasing finish that is a lovely blend of honeyed sweetness and lemony bitterness.

There are further herb-like textures that shine brighter when blended with a mixer. Here I went for the suggested addition of bitter lemon and Ginseng Spirit over ice that seemed to bring out more of the kicker in the drink rendering it sparkling with a sheened tang.