Kammerling’s Bespoke Spirit

After years tending bars all over the world, creating cocktails for Elton John’s annual White Tie and Tiara Ball, writing an acclaimed cocktail book for the BBC and, latterly, as brand ambassador for Grey Goose vodka, Alex Kammerling knows more than a thing or two about high-end spirits. It would seem a logical conclusion then that he would finally turn his hand to that holiest of holy grails for the executive barkeep: creating a brand new spirit.

Kammerling’s Ginseng Spirit brings a whole new twist to the market in that it reads as a ‘healthy’ alcohol. It contains four types of ginseng alone whilst counting juniper, echinacea, ginkgo biloba and goji berries among its 45 natural botanicals. In addition to this, Kammerling has distilled these ingredients with manuka honey and annatto to blend the spirit down to a 33% alcohol base (as opposed to the more common 40%).

Indeed, Kammerling says that the stimulus for this approach was taken from medicinal history where, even as far back as Hippocrates, alcoholic-based herbal infusions were seen as highly efficacious.