Founding Scents of Diptyque

The success of the candles spurred the trio into the next logical direction for their scents, an eau de toilette. The unique fragrances were no longer restricted to the home or garden, the highly redolent scents were now portable. The fragrances were inspired by smells from the artisans’ childhoods and past experiences, ensuring the fragrances were still distinctly personal.

Taken from the private sketchbooks of Desmond Knox-Leet, the label captures in one symbol what the cacophony of different notes in each Diptyque scent does: a memory, a facet of childhood, a summer abroad, a partner’s history. The elegant oval represents the timeless concept of these scents, a paragon that transcends fashion and is as equally at home in 1961 as in 2061.

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Words by Jessica Spires
Image Courtesy of Diptyque