Founding Scents of Diptyque

Diptyque’s trio Parisian artisan founders first opened their doors in 1961 to showcase avant-garde fabrics and collections of oddities gathered from their respective globe-trotting. This eclectic amalgamation of various trinkets quickly became sought-after in the bohemian environs of Boulevard Saint Germain.

However, the founders’ desired to transcend the visual representation of their travels, capturing the essence of their experiences in fragrance. The Canelle candle, one of the first scents created by the trio, is reminiscent of the dry spiced warmth of an aromatic bark from the East.  Aubepine, the debut candle, is more floral. A scent of wild flower with round, powdery accents. This illuminates the sheer diversity of Diptyque even from the outset. These two utterly different fragrances capture two different realms of experience; the complexity of these scents evokes something different in every person, a distant memory of a time since past.