Day 20: Armani Privé La Femme Bleue

Developed by perfumer Serge Majoullier, La Femme Bleue is the limited edition fragrance from Giorgio Armani, with a run of just 1000 bottles. Translating the ideas found in Armani’s spring/summer 2011 fashion and beauty collections, the scent joins the Armani Privé collection. Sprung from two images; an imaginary black iris, one that is rare, precious, an enveloping, and of the Tuareg woman, a blue nomad crossing the desert. Both are dark and mysterious, like the desert in the night. The royal blue vessel shows a feeling of sadness, of passion and of love. Giorgio Armani pays tribute to her through key notes; woodsy, vanilla, incense and spicy cacao. A scent that begs the recollection of a journey yet to be made.

Buy online at Giorgio Armani.

Words by Lauren Festa
Photography by Tiina Erameri