Christian Louboutin Book Review

Revered French shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, has always stayed true to his aspiration to make ‘shoes that are like jewels’. His dramatic designs, which often incorporate feathers, fur, towering stiletto heels and signature red soles, have become the go-to shoes for any fashionista who wants to make a real entrance. Louboutin’s desire to create ‘ jewels’ rather than ordinary shoes is one which is inherent in all of his creative endeavours, from his luxurious boutique shops, to his lavishly decorated homes, and, to this book.

His large leather bound volume can only be described as beautiful. It is unmistakably ‘designer’ and is complete with an elaborate five page fold out cover, as well as pop out pieces and vibrantly coloured photographs. Every page appears to glitter with a golden sheen, and the publication is imbued with theatrical spirit of Louboutin’s approach to fashion design.

The text itself is divided into six chapters which cover all aspects of Louboutin’s business.