Chanel ‘Couturiere at Work’ Review

Chanel ‘Couturiere at Work’ by Amy de la Haye.

Amy de la Haye, chair of Dress History and Curatorship at the London College of Fashion, is the author of a number of acclaimed studies. In this biography of Chanel, Haye provides a detailed account of the impact that the Great War had upon the social norms that governed the lives of middle to upper class women. Although, Chanel herself was not directly affected by the horrors of the War, it dramatically altered the social position of women and provided a new social sphere, in which her fashion designs could flourish. As Haye documents;

‘A world was dying, while another was being born. I was there, an opportunity came forward, and I took it. I was the same age as the new century, and it was to me that it looked for sartorial expression’. (Gabriella Chanel)