Autumnal Shades

As the nights draw in and inky-black skies beckon ever-earlier, there seems little respite from the growing realisation that summer is well and truly over.  But in a flourish of earthy hues and delectable textures, cosmetic houses have gently re-ignited our passion for the joys of the colder months. We’re shunning summer shades for the pinched cheeks, welly walks, and softly burning embers that Autumn-Winter has to offer.

Lloyd Simmonds certainly had this in mind when creating the YSL A/W 11 range. In a nod to Autumnal inspiration, he says “the thing that moves me the most is nature itself,” embracing the rusts, coppers and aubergines of natural pigment. Blush Radiance perfectly captures autumn light with an indulgently half-matte, half-satin texture that transforms pasty pallor into prettily flushed faces. These contrasting textures are reminiscent of fallen leaves and the divine combination of smooth and crunch beneath booted feet.