Alemanys 5 – Luxury Abroad

In the courtyard, a reclaimed cistern collects rainwater to fill the pool and water the plants. The garden, enclosed by high stone walls, features a plane of lawn, finished with a steel edge that floats above the water of the pool. Like the building itself, the outside areas feature a range of textures and materials, and celebrate the elements of their construction: light, shadow, fire, stone, water and silence.

The architect responsible for this transformation is the firm of Anna Noguera, which specialises in conceptual spas, hotels and tourism centres. The company was established in Barcelona in 1992, and its most recent work has concentrated on functional and sustainable spaces that combine vitality and beauty with practicality. Briefs have originated in, for example, geo-biology and feng shui, and have always been completed with unwavering respect for the environment and local customs. Under this philosophy, the office has received several awards.