Adele Live at the Albert Hall

At the Royal Albert Hall the entire audience, hypnotised by Adele’s vocal, was sat in a trance-like silence, as her smooth vocals came like a great wave of velvet that immersed the expansive theatre. This live DVD captures, in Adele’s flawless vocals, moments of intimacy along with the fleeting sounds and quivers of a beautiful voice, which are often lost in produced studio albums. This performance features impassioned recitals of all her best loved tracks, such as Roll Deep and Make You Feel My Love. Also, included in the DVD package are behind the scenes footage shot that day, an album version of her 90 minute long set, which ends with very interesting take on performing an encore.

Adele possesses the power to demand focused attention; once she emits her first notes you are hooked and intently listening to the delivery of each lyric. It is hard not to feel irresistibly moved by her candid ballads and animated by her more upbeat tracks. Songs that would melt the North-pole are comically contrasted by Adele’s ‘cockney geezer’ introductions and frequent bouts of inharmonious cackling laughter.